E-Knoc – The Promise Land

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His debut street album „The Promise Land“ is a 15 track project that spans so many horizons we would be hard pressed to outline them all – suffice it to say that in an age where everybody’s aspiring to be something, where every cat south of Sunset Blvd is a rapper – E-Knoc’s sole aim is to „show yall how the West Coast really rocks.“
Out with the khakis and in with the Evisus, E-Knoc is another prime example of the „New West“ mentality that is shaking the West Coast Hip-Hop landscape. The album serves as a day in the life account of a black kid breezing through the streets of L.A. with some big dreams of his own, picking up knowledge and insight along the way. E-Knoc is truly a rare breed in today’s climate as he is a well rounded MC who actually cares about what’s coming out of his mouth.
When we asked him to sum up the „The Promise Land“ E-Knoc explained; „All you guys have to do is listen to the whole thing. The tape is serious, funny, simple, complex, ignorant and educational all at the same time! [Tracks] 1-15 is a day in the life with me. Sun up to sun down til the sun comes back up. Full circle you feel me?“
From trunk rattlers like „Bang“ and „I Be,“ to the smoothed out melody of „Do You Mind.“ From the descriptive storytelling on „How I Became Me“ and „Street Lights“ to the consciousness of „Malcolm X“ right around to the introspection of „Mind Games.“ „The Promise Land“ ensures that E-Knoc will take his place amongst some of the brightest new talent and its safe to say it won’t be long until the world takes note.

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01. I Be (prod. by Bad Seed)
02. Bang! (prod. by St. Eyes)
03. Certified Hustler (prod. by St. Eyes)
04. How I Became Me (prod. by St. Eyes)
05. Do You Mind feat. Stace Atoms (prod. by St. Eyes)
06. Cool It Down (prod. by St. Eyes)
07. Can’t Stand Me feat. Yung Bruh & Keno (prod. by Rhythm D)
08. Respect It (prod. by St. Eyes)
09. Royal Fam (prod. by St. Eyes)
10. LA’s Brightest feat. OBeast (prod. by St. Eyes)
11. Street Lights feat. Stace Atoms (prod. by Big Moz)
12. Try Harder feat. Chelsea (prod. by St. Eyes)
13. Mind Games (prod. by St. Eyes)
14. Malcolm X (prod. by Big Moz)
15. Thank God (prod. by St. Eyes)

DOWNLOAD: E-Knoc – The Promise Land.zip

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