Dow Jones & DJ Skee pres. G. Malone – The Electric Chair

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gmalone-theelectricchair Releasedate: 24.10.2007, Free Download

Ãœber kommt das Compilation-Mixtape vom frischgebackenen Signing auf Mack 10’s Label Hoo Bangin/Cash Money:

[…]this mixtapes finds Glasses Malone and his entire Blu Division crew flowing over several Death Row classics from „Doggystyle„, „The Chronic„, „Dogg Food“ or „Murder Was the Case„.

Take a ride through the Eastside with Watts‘ own Beach Cruiser, who introduces his Blu Division team on the tape: The Bloc Boyz, Roc Slanga, Quiz & Conflict. Additional features include Daz Dillinger, Mack 10, Butch Cassidy, The Relativez, 211, Akon […]

Gehostet wird das Ding von Black Wall Street-DJ Skee und Dow Jones. Wenn ihr den Jungen noch nicht kennt, gibts in der Tracklist einige Tracks zum Direkt-Download.

01. Wballz Intro
02. Hoes Is Crazy – Blu D feat. J U
03. Im Bac Bitches Interlude
04. Lil Ghetto Boy Freestyle – G. Malone
05. Malone – G. Malone
06. Wballz Interlude
07. Blu Division – K Boy, G. Malone & Roc Slanga
08. Damu Division – 211, The Relativez & Mack 10
09. Gangsta Granny Request
10. Certified feat. Akon (prod. by DJ Toomp).mp3
11. Caller From The Streets Interlude
12. Like Suge – G. Malone
13. Ridin‘ N2 Da Sunset – Quiz.mp3
14. Respect Freestyle – Bloc Boyz feat. Daz
15. Bitches Ain’t Shit Freestyle – Conflict
16. Street Shit – Mack 10 feat. G. Malone & Butch Cassidy.mp3
17. Natural Born Illers – Roc Slanga
18. My Ghetto – Crazy Cree
19. Belly of the Beast – Quiz
20. Afro Puffs Freestyle – G. Malone
21. Heads Up Interlude
22. New West – Conflict
23. Heads Ringin Freestyle – Quiz
24. Fly Like Us – Bloc Boyz feat. Roccett
25. Stranded Freestyle – Conflict
26. Just Like That – G. Malone feat. Quiz, Mykestro & Scriv
27. Grown Man Bizness – Roc Slanga
28. What Would You Do Freestyle – Bloc Boyz
29. Just Another Day – Bloc Boyz (prod. by Terrace Martin)
30. NY NY Freestyle – Mykestro
31. Contest Winner Outro

DOWNLOAD: The Electric Chair.rar (Dubcnn, 192kBit, 110MB)

DOWNLOAD: The Electric (, 128kBit, 77MB)

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