Torae – Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

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t-amtrm-front t-amtrm-back Releasedate: 05.08.2008, Free Download

Der schon etwas ältere MC aus Premos Foundation-Umfeld ist mir schon länger aufgefallen. Nun hat er ein Best Of-Mixtape seines Schaffens der letzten Monate zusammengestellt und droppt dies auch noch 4 free über seine Myspace-Seite. Mit Beats von 9th Wonder, Madlib, Khrysis uvm. und Features von Tanya Morgan, Skyzoo, eMC, Emilio Rojas uvm.!

01. Heard It All Before feat. Emilio Rojas (prod. by Khrysis)
02. Merchant Of Dreams feat. Skyzoo & The Embassy (prod. by 9th Wonder)
03. The Takeover feat. Kil Ripkin (prod. by COS)
04. Uncomfortable (prod. by 9th Wonder)
05. Shake It Off feat. Tanya Morgan & Kam Moye (prod. by Brizzo)
06. Crash (prod. by Khrysis)
07. No Where No More feat. Eternia & Ms. Davis (prod. by 9th Wonder)
08. Higher Learning (Unreleased) (prod. by COS)
09. Told You That feat. Chaundon (prod. by Khrysis)
10. I Don’t Care feat. Nefew
11. T.I.M.E. (prod. by Vega & Suede)
12. 3 Kings feat. Skyzoo & Chaundon (prod. by Analogic)
13. Lick The Balls
14. Best Out feat. Skyzoo & Draftpick
15. Good God (prod. by Marco Polo)
16. New Blood feat. Emilio Rojas, Skyzoo & Fresh Daily (prod. by Illmind)
17. Broken Dreamz feat. KoMika (Unreleased) (prod. by Vega & Suede)
18. Rise Up (Unreleased) (prod. by COS)
19. The People feat. ESSO
20. Hip Hop feat. Punchline & Strick (prod. by Madlib)
21. Getting Money feat. Magnif of Lawless Element (prod. by Magnif)
22. Promises feat. Kil Ripkin (prod. by Vega & Suede)
23. It’s All Over feat. Supastition, Dan Jons & Finale (prod. by DR)

DOWNLOAD: Allow Me To Re-Introduce (128kBit, 55MB)

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