Busta Rhymes – I’ve Already Outshined Your Favorite Rapper Pt. 2

Verfasst von Lance1 am Sonntag, 7. September 2008 um 10:36

br-iaoyfr2-front br-iaoyfr2-back Releasedate: 26.08.2008, Free Download

Nach dem ersten Teil hier nun Part 2. Wackes Cover, cooles Tape.

01. Intro
02. Nuff Gun Shots
03. This May Be My Last Time
04. Give A Damn feat. Show Money & Reek Da Villain
05. Your Time Has Come
06. Packin‘ Them Things
07. Close The Door feat. Reek Da Villain
08. Cleaner Than A Preacher feat. Pooh Bear
09. Run The Block
10. Kill The Whole Town feat. Reek Da Villain
11. Flipmode Meets BStars feat. The Game
12. Can’t Fuck Wit Us
13. Missile
14. Hump On You feat. Sisqo
15. Pimp feat. Hayes
16. On Da Blocc feat. 40 Glocc
17. Head Banger feat. Alfa Mega
18. Do It feat. Spliff Star & Show Money
19. Who Be The Nicest feat. Reek Da Villain
20. Don’t Touch Me

DOWNLOAD: IVAOYFR2.zip (128kBit, 64MB)


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