Ya Boy – The Bay Area Bully

Verfasst von Lance1 am Donnerstag, 18. September 2008 um 13:11

yb-bab-front Releasedate: 03.09.2008, Free Download

Nach dem letzten Free Mixtape „Chapter 1: The Rise“ wieder neues Material vom Westcoast Bully!

01. The Bully (Intro)
02. Superstar
03. I Did That
04. Underdogs On Top feat. Nu Jerzey Devil
05. Shoe Box
06. They Know Me
07. Showboatin‘
08. Wide Open
09. Hustlin‘ (Skit)
10. Like A Hustler feat. Nu Jerzey Devil
11. Kill A Clown Nigga (Skit)
12. Clown Niggaz
13. Recession
14. Pop Something
15. Found Love
16. Right Now
17. Leavin‘ Wit U feat. Joe Bloom
18. iPod
19. Money Ova Here
20. Milked

DOWNLOAD: The Bay Area Bully.zip (128kBit, 59MB)


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