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Verfasst von Lance1 am Sonntag, 16. November 2008 um 17:09

Releasedate: 06.11.2008, Free Download

Ein neues Street Album aus dem Diocese-Umfeld nach „Transformation“ von Pr1me. Mit Features von Bishop, Taje, Mike Ant uvm. und Beats von Focus, Black Milk, Oh No u.a.!

01. Intro
02. The Product (prod. by Focus)
03. I’m The One You Need (prod. by Thayod)
04. Definition Of Beau
05. Whoo (prod. by Dae One)
06. Ain’t No Sunshine (prod. by Diverse)
07. Rap Ransom feat. Taje (prod. by Black Milk)
08. Delivery Man feat. Mike Ant (prod. by JRK)
09. Movie Night (Skit)
10. The Howling feat. Bishop Lamont & Bokie Loc (prod. by Oh No)
11. Lord feat. Bokie Loc (prod. by JRK)
12. Subliminal Streets (prod. by Dae One)
13. All On The Line feat. Butch Cassidy, Cubin, Noni Spitz, & Young De) (prod. by Dae One & „Jedi“ Jared Moore
14. So (prod. by King Karnov)
15. Ryda feat. Noni Spitz (prod. by JRK)
16. Part Of The Script (prod. by Thayod)
17. Don’t Worry feat. Chevy Jones (prod. by King Karnov)
18. Niggertooth (Infomercial)
19. End Of The World feat. Yumeki (prod. by DJ Khalil)

DOWNLOAD: The (128kBit, 57MB)

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