Young Dro & Yung L.A. – Black Boy White Boy

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ydyla-bbwb-front Releasedate: 13.01.2009, Free Download

Free Mixtape der beiden Signings von T.I.s Grand Hustle.

01. Intro
02. Take Off
03. Ain’t I RMX
04. Freestyle
05. Dro Speaks (Skit)
06. Rats
07. Woah
08. 36 O’s
09. Dro Speaks (Skit)
10. Up Through There RMX
11. Shower
12. All The Money
13. Yung L.A. Drop (Skit)
14. Party
15. Blessing
16. Black Boy White Boy
17. Yung L.A. Drop (Skit)
18. So Futuristic
19. Dro Speaks (Skit)
20. Green Light Freestyle
21. Excuse Me
22. Who Got Strong Freestyle
23. We In This Thing
24. The Truth
25. Dro Speaks (Skit)
26. Turn This Thang Around
27. Dro Speaks (Skit)
28. Still Selling Drugs
29. Dro Speaks (Skit)
30. Bonus

DOWNLOAD: Black Boy White (128kBit, 72MB)

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