Ya Boy – Mohawks & Heavy Metal

Verfasst von Lance1 am Freitag, 31. Juli 2009 um 10:50

yb-mhm-front Releasedate: 25.07.2009, Free Download

Ya Boy nach The Bay Area Bully und Chapter 1 mit einem neuem Free Tape.

01. Heavy Metal feat. Cik. Money (prod. by Pete G)
02. Life I Lead feat. K.ill B.utterfly (prod. by Chinky P)
03. Get Up Outta Here (prod. by Fly Fellaz)
04. Rock N Roll feat. Cik. Money
05. What You Put That On
06. In The Club (prod. by Renegades)
07. Hat 2 The Side (prod. by DJ Cas)
08. You
09. Fuck Bitches, Get Money RMX feat. Cik. Money & Omar Cruz (prod. by Araab Muzik)
10. Back To The Money (prod. by Young Braze)
11. Money
12. What The Business Is
13. Brand New (prod. by Young Braze)
14. I Love Chronic feat. Junior Reid (prod. by Yeti Beats)
15. Black Card Boys feat. Cik. Money, Young B & O Mac (prod. by Digital Product)
16. Killa Kali feat. Kurupt & Roscoe (prod. by Fly Fellaz)
17. Raised In The Ghetto
18. Comeback
19. I Got Hoes
20. The Shit (prod. by Noe Da Matrix)
21. Go Bay
22. Murdah
23. We Run L.A. (Bonus Track)

DOWNLOAD: Mohawks & Heavy Metal.zip (192kBit, 111MB)


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