Raekwon – The Vatican IV

Verfasst von Lance1 am Donnerstag, 1. April 2010 um 14:05

Releasedate: 25.03.2010, Free Download

Ich weiss nicht, ob das was Offizielles oder sonst was ist. Aber ein Rae-Tape nehmen wir immer gerne. Gemixt von DJ Riddler.

01. White Killers Intro
02. Bloodmissles
03. Back To The Kitchen
04. Stevie Wonder And Rae’s Crew RMX
05. Eddie Murphy Skit
06. Fuck Them Niggas
07. Rae Skit M.J. Beat
08. Baggin Ounces In The…
09. Wish I Had A Bigger Gun
10. Dj Riddler Skit
11. Yea Yo I Got This
12. Harlem River Drive Skit
13. The Watch
14. Pussy Like Cat Women
15. 2009 Jordan
16. DJ Riddler Skit 2
17. DJ Riddler Skit 3
18. Ghost And Raekwon
19. Chris Rock Skit
20. Shout Out To Kane
21. Ever Since I Was 13
22. Big Pussy
23. Rae Skit 2
24. Wu Tang At It Again DJ Riddler Mix
25. Real In The Game
26. Flush Verse
27. L’s Lit
28. Straight From The Dungeons Of Hell
29. Livin‘ In Killa Hill
30. 321
31. Take Y’all Back A Little
32. Got To Light It Up
33. Bulletproof Diaries
34. Why Black Man Why
35. N*gger Lover Skit
36. Last Track

DOWNLOAD: The Vatican IV.zip (160kBit, 73MB)

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