Von Pea – So Motivational

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Von Pea - So Motivational Cover Releasedate 02.07.2010, Free Download

Tanya Morgan Member Von Pea haut sein nächstes Mixtape raus. So Motivational (The Most Skullduggery Of Mixtapes) soll der letzte Vorbote zum bald erscheinenden Soloalbum sein.

1. Scorpio (Intro) (Produced by Von Pea)
2. Show Em Out (f/ Che Grand) (Produced by Algorhythm)
3. Faded (w/ The Lessondary) (Produced by AEON)
4. Cantstandya (w/ Sene) (Produced by Thoughts For Food)
5. Lookin Fly (f/ Trackademicks & Donwill) (Produced by Von Pea)
6. Something To Do (Produced by Brandun Deshay)
7. I Dont Know (w/ Danny! & Stephanie Mae) (Produced by D. Swain)
8. And Rollerskates! 2010 (f/ ABNG) (Produced by Jermiside)
9. Fancy Nancy (Produced by Brandun Deshay)
10. 2 Hungry Bros Freestyle
11. Something Better (w/ XV & Donwill) (Illmind instrumental)
12. Year of the Other (w/ Max Mega & Justin Battle) (Produced by A3)
13. Jump In (Produced by Von Pea)
14. Sellin’ Outro (w/ and produced by Willi Dudat)

DOWNLOAD: Von Pea – So Motivational (VBR, 70MB)

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