Sir Michael Rocks – The Rocks Report

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Releasedate: 14.03.2011, Free Download

50% der Cool Kids aka Mikey Rocks droppt sein Solo-Debüt, das nicht irgendein Mixtape ist, sondern ein richtig dopes Street Album.

01. Hate Me Too (ft. Sir Charles)
02. Bahamas
03. Banco Populair
04. Exing
05. Times Is Hard (Skit)
06. Reach
07. Sunshine
08. Few Good Things
09. Coochie Crook
10. Interlude (ft. DJ Thunder)
11. Livin’ It Up (ft. Trademark Da Skydiver)
12. Times Is Hard (Skit 2)
13. Stagelights
14. Deal Went Sour
15. Nympho (ft. Like)
16. Summer Song (ft. Latif)
17. Over and Over (ft. Phil Ade)
18. Times Is Hard (Skit 3)
19. Don’t Wanna Brag
20. Just for You
21. I See
22. Times Is Hard (Skit 4)
23. Ground Up
24. One Two Many (ft. Latif)
25. Skinny N*gga (ft. Mibbs)

DOWNLOAD: The Rocks (192-320kBit, xxMB)

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