The Kickdrums – The Ghost

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Releasedate: 08.06.2011, Free Download

Als Teaser zu ihrem neuen Album „Meet Your Ghost“ (raus am 28.6.) droppen die beiden New Yorker Producer ein Mixtape mit alten und neuen Tracks mit u.a. Freddie Gibbs, RZA, Scarface uvm.

01. Ghost (Intro)
02. Perfect World feat. RZA
03. Machine Gun Kelly – Stereo feat. Fitts
04. Take Shape Automatically feat. Kid Daytona
05. All Over Again
06. How to Disappear feat. Verabal
07. Colors (Interlude)
08. Thinking Out Loud
09. Hot As Sun – Come Come (KickDrums Remix)
10. Peter Bjorn & John – Lay It Down feat. GLC & Trouble Andrew (prod. The Kickdrums)
11. Scarface – To the Beat of the Drum (prod. The KickDrums)
12. We Can Never Go Back M Love feat. U-N-I
13. Open Your Eyes
14. Take Aim… Boom! feat. Freddie Gibbs & Fitts
15. Optimistic Captive
16. I’m Gonna Dress In All Black
17. Autonomy
18. Love Buzz (Nirvana Cover)
19. Animal

DOWNLOAD: The (320kBit, MB)

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